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Last week I had an opportunity to meet some truly refreshing friends who live and work at the Immanuel Mission on the Navajo Reservation in Teec Nos Pos, AZ. I was so encouraged by their example, but more so by an environment where Jesus Christ is so evidently a living God. He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (Heb 13:8). The same God who held the sun and moon still for Joshua (Josh 10:13) is answering prayers in Arizona, Colorado and in every corner of the world.

I was reminded recently that our faith always follows one of two paths: Trusting only God and not in ourselves or others or trusting ourselves and others and not in God. I know that I choose both paths multiple times every day. What blessings and "end of anxiety" (Phil 4:6-7) could await us if we chose to trust only the living God!

Immanuel Mission Trailer:

Immanuel Mission Tour:

More: Immanuel Mission Documentary: God With Us  /  Immanuel Mission: Esther Yazzie

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monday + mountains

A few quotes to start off your week. Happy Monday!

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a rainy day at the coast

I recently posted some samples of my photography on my Portfolio website and was reminded of all of the beautiful places I have been privileged to visit. Last fall my friend, Bethany, and I spent a weekend in Newport, Oregon. This weekend came on the heels of a 3 month drought in Oregon (something I didn't know was possible). But the second day of my visit ushered in the rainy season complete with gray skies, rolling clouds, gusting winds and huge ocean swells. We stayed at a 4-story Victorian bed and breakfast on the coast. Every morning I woke up and lifted the curtains an inch to look at the fog rolling in over the waves. I'm a land-locked-Colorado girl at heart, but waking up to the sounds of crashing waves and the brown and gray misty pallet of the Oregon coast is surreal. Here are a few snapshots of our day.

oreo cookie separator

This video will make you smile! I nominate this guy for an award for the best straight-faced-one-liners (he and the Dowager Countess should have a one-liner-off) AND another for the World Science Fair. Necessity is the mother of invention, indeed. Except, I would like a robot that splits the cream in half. My ideal OREO has half the cookie and half the cream. None of that double-stuffed nonsense.

"One of the hardest things to overcome was to learn how to build robots and make them work, but it was also difficult to, um, keep my hands warm..."

This post reminds me of these most amazing OREO stuffed chocolate chip cookies from the archives!

brown bag valentine

 I hope you have a fantastic weekend everyone! Maybe you're pulling out the craft box to make valentines or snuggling up next to a fire with a mug of tea (for those of you snowed in on the east coast) or going for a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

Wait ... a what? 

My family is actually going for a sleigh ride tonight. Instead of giving gifts at Christmas this year, we bought Groupons for a hot-cocoa and dinner sleigh ride for 10 in Breckenridge. After a loop in the woods, we'll have a steak and trout cowboy dinner and berry cobbler. But lest you envision a romantic evening with softly falling snow flakes and twinkling stars, I should mention that it is 15° in Breckenridge with blowing snow, 45 mph gusts and a -4° windshield. So we like a little adventure too! I'm especially liking the "wrapped in blankets" part of this ride.

While I'm looking for my long-johns, here is a little valentines inspiration from the archives. I especially like this packaging because you can fill the brown bags with anything you like. These ones were filled with Girl Scout Cookies, but use your sweet tooth imagination!

p.s. I don't actually own long-johns, but I've always wanted to!

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vintage colorado postcards

Colorado Springs, Colo.
Dear Thelma!
When we go out on the street we can see these beautiful mountains like the one on this card. I hope some day when you are a young lady, you can see them also. How is Tom, is he good?
Your Loving Grandmother

Postmarked Aug. 13, 4AM, 1913 

Doesn't this note whisk you away to another time and place when young girls would grow up to be young ladies?

Lexy was kind enough to include me in the swag bags that will be given out to the first 125 people at The Hello Social next week. I didn't want my business card to get lost among all of the fun swag, so I ordered these vintage Colorado postcards to attach to my cards. I had no idea how beautiful they would be! Every card tells a story of a vacation passed in Colorado. Why were Mamma, Pappa, Betsy, Mable, Miss Eliza Palver, Eva, Gram, Arnold, Thomas, Lillie and Arved visiting? Did Mrs. Crowther ever find the glasses she left on the train in Denver in 1909?

I'm having so much fun reading the cards and studying the penmanship. But I'm having the hardest time thinking of giving them away. I ended up ordering two more packages today so that I can keep all of my favorites! I love Colorado so much and I'm so happy for this little lost bit of history that made it's way to me.

Wouldn't these be great gifts for all our friends in many lands?

photos by sarah fritzler

the hello social at alt 2013

Good morning! Today I'm plugging away on my full redesign (and by full, I mean time consuming ;). But I thought I would share a recent project I designed for Lexy and Melissa for The Hello Social happening in just over 1 week!

Will you be at Alt? Are you a newbie or an old-timer? Either way, I hope you can make it to this smashing welcome party to meet everyone! I can't be there, so I hope you all go and then blog and instragram all about it! (Hint: #hellosocial)

Just remember, everyone who is anyone will be there. ;)

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put an egg on it

I live with my youngest sister and our general rule of thumb when it comes to cooking is ... yes, put an egg on it. Deborah is a gourmet chef as far as I'm concerned and her calling card is a poached egg on top of: salad, soup, pizza, you name it! I illustrated her mantra for her for Christmas.

And if we aren't putting an egg on it ... we're probably putting a bird on it.

photos by sarah fritzler


So here's the deal. I was waiting to tell you about my latest project until I could unveil a shiny new completed package! But secrets don't make friends, so here is a little peak at a sketch for my new logo, website and blog. Yep. I'm working on all 3 and I have to say that re-branding myself is the most challenging project I've ever tackled. I am definitely my hardest client. But I'm excited to share this little snapshot with you and will be even more excited when it's done!

photo by sarah fritzler via instagram

tis the season ...

Hello! I'm wearing my red and green this Monday morning and I thought I aught to share a little Christmas spirit on the blog today. I've been decking the Nest (a.k.a my condo) out with pine branches, lights and white pumpkins, but I need to snap a few pictures to share. Until then, here are a few festive ideas for you from last year. I know, I know, butcher paper and gold spray paint were so last year ... but these are from last year and, besides,  I'm not really over it yet. 

(click the titles to see more)

Butcher Paper Gift Wrap

DIY Stir-in Hot Cocoa

Gold Woodland Animals

Holiday Granola 
photos by sarah fritzler

winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Yippee! I won my first blog giveaway from the talented Vanessa Kruse of Flourish Studio Photography. Thank you so much, Vanessa. The prize is a hair flower made by Buttons-N-Blossoms. The fact that I entered the giveaway every day attests to how much I love their designs. And can I comment on the packaging design as well? Wow.

Thank you again.

These photos were taken by Vanessa — go check out her beautiful photography! Also, I featured her work here.

Doesn't everyone say "winner, winner, chicken dinner!" when they win something? My family does.

photos by Vanessa Kruse

you can always return it if you change your mind ...

Famous last words.

I admit it, I'm an avid return-er. I'd like to take this opportunity to publicly apologize to all those innocent customer service people at Target, Anthropologie, Eddie Bauer, Sprouts, REI, Athleta and Columbia. Oh, and

A note about returning: It feels amazing. It feels even more amazing if you can get out of the store without spending the money you just saved. This is rare. Why do they put the customer service at the back of the store?!

Target - Easy-peasy returns IF you have a receipt. If not, you get the value of the item at it's current value. Everything at Target eventually goes on sale, so I do not suggest this.

Anthropologie - No need for a receipt of you have an Anthro member card! But don't wait too long, something in their computer complicates it and they end up having to find other items at the same cost to scan in. Do not do this the week before Christmas. Aham.
Eddie Bauer - No hassle, no limit, no expiration date (ever). Thank you, Eddie

- No, I don't return food. But they are very nice to take vitamins back when I constantly get the wrong m
illigrams, brand or something.

REI - It's good to own a share of REI. If you ever shop there, become a member! Yearly dividend! Easy returns. Happy people. Happy people wearing green vests and cargo pants. Happy people wearing green vests and cargo pants who can tell you where to go backpacking or snow-shoeing. And all after you just returned 2 ski jackets worth $300+ because you found one on sale online. Please forgive me REI customer service friends. -  Free returns! Free shipping! Yay!

Columbia Outlet - Nothing special to say here, very nice people who give my money back with a smile. :) - I've never done it. I've just WANTED to do it so many times! The one downfall of most online shopping is that you have to pay for return shipping. A very scary prospect for someone like me. So think before you click!*

A note about receipts: Keep them! My co-workers constantly laugh at my wallet. But that was before I discovered the secret to returning — have the cashier put the receipt in the bag. When you decide to return the item, it's right there in the bag WITH the item. Ingenious. Who thought of this brilliance?

A note to places that do not accept returns. Bad idea, my friends. Bad, bad. I may have bough that something for that someone or that sweater that goes with that one dress IF I had the peace of mind that "You can always return it if you change your mind ..." (I'm speaking to you, The Barn, pictured above) Then again, maybe you are smart.

A note about not buying things in the first place (I know you're all thinking it): Now this is just silly. HOW am I supposed to know if I like that shirt in regular lighting? And DO I still have those jeans that will go with it? I'm not encouraging impulsive buying. After all, you have to pay for the gas and time to return those items. Actually, I've been accused of being far too tedious about purchase decision making and sometimes even get non-buyers remorse. I'm not talking about going on shopping sprees and then returning half of it later! Don't we all have enough stuff? All I'm saying is that you can save a pretty penny if you make strategic purchases and then take the time to return the items that didn't work out (or you found on sale somewhere else).

But why am I trying to convince you? This is simply my confession and a little nod to all the customer service reps out there.

Thank you for giving my money back. :)

p.s. I don't even like shopping. No really! I don't! Maybe this is why? I feel exhausted.
*So I hear that Amazon may also give free shipping on returns. My problem is that I always buy used items from private sellers. I 'll amend that statements and say, check the return policy before you click!

photos by sarah fritzler via instagram

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