"dinner club"

We call it a "dinner club", but it is really an excuse for a group of girls to wear sweatpants, no makeup, and eat an astonishing amount of hors d'oeuvres, a little dinner, and a lot of dessert. My sister, Rebekah, is a gourmet and recently started a blog to file away her hors d'oeuvre ideas. She has a true talent for appetizers and my family rarely has room for dinner by the time the main course comes along, hence her blog's name: "Too Full For Dinner"!

Here is just a little sample of our last dinner club (A.K.A. hors d'oeuvres club).

Thank you for a delicious evening, Rebekah!

bree cheese with fig spread, mango salsa

goat cheese balls

salad with goat cheese balls, mayo burger sauce

salmon burger

Mini Mouse, myself thoroughly enjoying dinner, Rebekah and Rachel grilling

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  1. aww! I can't wait for summer when we get to do this more!


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