a big hug

Bella & Boo is one of my favorite illustration blogs. Mandy is a British illustrator who has created a beautiful little world of children and forest animals. A Big Hug mug features none other than Bella and her bunny, Boo, sharing a hug. Since my sister's two favorite things are tight hugs and bunnies, it was a perfect birthday gift! I might add that it was extra fun to get a tiny package from Scotland (I love the customs sticker) and relieving to see that the delicate fine bone china cup made it all the way to my home! To top it off, I got a little note from Mandy—hoping my sister loved the gift. Go see her blog and Etsy shop!

top images by belleandboo

1 comment:

  1. This gift makes me smile. It is perfect. Thank you. I love it!

    And thank you, Mandy, for creating Bella and Boo!


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