pumpkin & oatmeal

Can oatmeal get any better?

Currently, I am helplessly addicted to oatmeal. Addicted to the point of choosing oatmeal over ice cream for dessert twice last week. It's that good. My sister, Deborah, has fallen just as deep as me (maybe farther) and we've eaten it every day for a month.

Last fall I started LOVING pumpkin. Dreadfully, the pumpkin shortage in Colorado has interrupted my pumpkin dependence. But my wonderful mom went to Vitamin Cottage last week and bought the extra expensive organic pumpkin! Thank you mom!

This morning I combined my two most favorite foods in the word (excluding BBQ ribs of course). It was like eating pumpkin pie for breakfast! Here are a few more versions I want to try!

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  1. Ummmm everyday for a month? try everyday for about 5 months! hahah! Mmmm these look delicous sarah! You should put nutmeg/cinnamon/mace/and ginger in it to make it REALLY taste like pumpkin pie! The pomegranate/ walnut one looks mas deliciouso! mmm I LOVE OATMEAL!!!!!!!


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