friday find: pear notes

pear notepad
I am a list maker. I live by lists and usually have 3-5 I'm following and adding to at any given time. Case in point, I can see 6 separate lists sitting on my desk right now (not including the one in my pocket). That's why this pear jumped out at me while I was browsing Meiningers a few days ago. It's a notepad that doubles as an adorable decoration and looks so much less tacky than the post-its currently covering my desk. You can find them in many specialty shops as well as online. I can't wait to make my weekend plans on a slice of pear. :)

the perfect gift for a teacher?

Speaking of lists ...


- Finish and postmark my Sketchbook Project (urgent!)
- Photograph some pretty Valentines treats for Emily Pahl of A Trace of Sugar Bakery
- Print my own thank you notes (and write my many graduation "thanks"!)
- Photograph David and Mike for a Bear Grylls inspired poster project
- Start planning 2011 Valentines (I'm excited for this one.)
- Purchase tickets to Les Mis
- Make Pumpkin Cheddar Muffins from Baked Explorations ... because they just sound so interesting! (recipe below)

We'll see how far I get on this list. :)

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