happy winter

Mike + Becky
This was a painting for my brother-in-law, Mike, 3 winters ago. I painted it for the first "Handmade Fritzler Christmas." We had spent a considerable amount of time cross-country skiing that winter and I recalled a memory of following he and Rebekah through the quiet woods on Pikes Peak.

I painted the scene on a piece of old barn wood and left the edges rough like the wood grain. That year started a new tradition and we all agree that we would rather give and receive one thoughtful gift over many "expensive sweaters." :) I don't think we'll ever go back!

Although ... our stockings might be getting a little out of control. :)
2009 overflowing stockings

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  1. Homemade presents are the best! so special. And when you have so many talented peoples in the family like yours, it's extra amazing! One year we had a Christmas present wrapping competition that made the gift giving extra fun. The range was from silly to really creative to really beautiful. It was a lot of laughs- you guys might enjoy such a competition =)


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