january blues

bunny blues
This melancholy January weather makes me want to stay at home and get things done! I'm ready to jump into something new—starting with whipping this blog into shape! First, stay tuned for a much needed redesign! I'm hoping to dive into the html and create a more customized layout. Also, I'm planning to better organize my posts and include more of my own pictures and projects and those of friends and family. In my opinion, "design inspiration" is more than just graphic design, it's all the things that surround us in life that inspire design. This is why I plan to post on all sorts of things including books, travel, fun finds and, of course, food. All of these topics fall right into my design inspirational folder and that's why I'll share them here. And lastly, I was looking at my blog stats and was thrilled to see many international views (including New Zealand .... my favorite!) and that inspired me to hop on this blog bandwagon for real. :)

p.s. I love, love, love comments! Who doesn't?

Speaking of blues, I just rediscovered these pictures of the 11 canvas backdrops my friend Jacintha and I painted for the Douglas County High School Marching Band many years ago. These bring back memories of many hours spent on the band room floor chatting and coming up with stories for each cloud.
my personal favorite cloud in process
clouds moving with the band at Invesco Field in the State Competition


  1. First of all, you find the best pictures. That bunny is adorable! Secondly, I've admired your layout and picture-posting design, but I'm not so internet savvy, so I just go with what they give me =) I look forward to seeing how you customize it! And c: I love it when you post your work, sketches, and designs! Those are my favorite posts.

  2. I'll help in the food department. I think we must reinstate our dinner club/girlie nights - I have some killer recipes that I'd like to try out. You take the most lovely pictures my dear. Nice clouds - I've never seen pics of them before. Kudos to homeschool artists!!


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