a few things:

beautiful calligraphy by Luca Barcellona

Can you imagine the control it would take to create calligraphy like this? I would love to learn even basic calligraphy, but I would go with a style a bit more like Betsy Dunlap's beautiful penmanship. These are her new Valentines, available for custom purchase on etsy.

I love that this valentine is between John & Abigail Adams
(Who really did exchanged many beautiful love letters!)

image via Sew it!

Find of the week: I bought 3,400 yards of red and white bakers twine for only $8.95! (the shipping cost almost as much, but it still came out to about a 16th of the price of other sellers [I'm completely guessing on that fraction ... but my point is: it was a GREAT deal! {For example: you can get 5 yards for $1 on etsy, which means my spool would cost $680! Yeah.}]) This will go perfectly with my valentines!

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  1. Great video. I really want to find one of those pens/markers to try it out!


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