handmade valentines

Last week's sub-zero weather provided a snow day in which my sisters, mom and I pulled the kitchen table into the living room, watched the BBC Sense & Sensibility and made lots and lots of valentines. We made all of our valentines using supplies we already had on hand (which turned out to be a lot!).

It made for, basically, the perfect snow day.

click images for detail

sisters + valentines

Anna and Deb's valentines to come ...


  1. Only wish I could have been there! And I can't wait to see which one ends up in my mailbox. :)
    Oh, and Mr. Knightly's quote is the best one!

  2. I heart this post =) so many great ideas! Love the pig (fab idea Deb!) and the bears especially! What a lovely way, on so many levels, to utilize a snow day.

  3. I love the Mr. Darcy quotes.=) Looks like you had a fun snow day!

  4. These are so, so sweet. Especially love the one with the manila tag with the heart cut out.

  5. I love all of these, but the pig is my favorite ;)


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