happy february!

I am STILL craving doughnuts. I was fine for a few days, but then I saw the image below, followed by the one above. I might just have to try making them this weekend! For now, here is a beautiful desktop calendar from Shanna Murray! Click the image above to download the calendar or go here for more options. Thank you, Shanna Murray, for reminding me to eat doughnuts!

p.s. I promise this isn't a food blog ... it's just that nothing inspires me quite so much a food!

pink frosting + yellow sprinkles doughnuts

As for something more designery, I love this album cover. I love illustrations that cross over into design and vice-versa.

The Swell Season, best known for the movie "Once"

And last, I had the opportunity to create my first simple animated GIF (I know, I'm a bit behind the times). It's up and working on the IOMSN website ... thanks to Brent for figuring out how to do it! It is our solution to a maximum 150 x 40 pixel (so small!) dimension dilemma.

click for simple animation

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  1. You can meet Mike and I for Doughnuts at First Bank on Saturday morning. We are specifically setting up a new account on Saturday so we get them free. yum!!


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