gift wrap ideas

In prep for our March birthday celebration tomorrow, I've been browsing some old pictures. While these aren't the best photographs, I thought I would share some of my simple gift wrap ideas:

1. Chip Board gift tags — You can get these in packs of 5 at Michale's for $1. That's right! They are cheaper thank sticker tags and so much cuter. I used this cupcake tag to display the simple earrings I made.

2. Brown box — Also found at Michale's, these little boxes always come in handy and all they require is a little ribbon remnant. I complemented these earrings with a simple flower sketch.

3. Custom Stickers — Last year I gave Mike A Night Out With Matt Damon. Mike is somewhat in love with Borne from The Borne Identity, so this bag held two tickets t0 the latest Matt Damon movie, a gift certificate to his favorite taco place and every movie snack imaginable (so affordable at the dollar store!).

Extra tip: Our dollar store carries 2-packs of these brown gift bags and packages of tissue paper for only $1! I find it's the only affordable way to keep up with my tissue paper use.

I hope you enjoy these easy-on-the-pocket-book ideas so that you can spend a little more on the gift!


  1. You always have the best gift wrapping ideas! I love these kinds of posts....keep em' comin'!

  2. You make everything look so lovely! I don't have the artistic abilities that you posses, so I like to look for cute & unusual tins, boxes, and baskets at garage sales that I can grab when I need giftwrap.

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