goobye & good luck!

original pen & ink illustration

I just sent my Priscilla Ahn poster off! It's a tiny bit nerve-wreaking to send something off knowing that I won't be a part of the printing/proofing process. What color will the butcher paper background turn out? Will the paper be glossy or matte? Welcome to the real world of collaboration Sarah!

Thankfully, Curt (the Creative Allies contact I have been working with) couldn't be more helpful!

Just wanted to say one more thanks to all of you!


  1. AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What did he say about where it will be sold and stuff?

  2. Hi Sarah! You have such a beautiful blog! Thank you sooo much for your submission! I LOVE your design! I would love to get in touch with you! Is there somewhere I can email you personally?

  3. Congrats! Your design won! I found your blog through Priscilla Ahn announcing the winner! Seriously love your work! :)


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