priscilla ahn album cover

Happy March everyone! Today I'm excited to share my submission for the Creative Allies Priscilla Ahn Album Cover Competition. I knew I couldn't pass this competition up! I love Priscilla's music and I loved creating this artwork for her. I certainly hope she enjoys it!

"This cover is a whimsy illustration of a storybook bursting with imagination, innocence, love and nostalgia. Flowers blossom between pages among spirited musical notes and floating paper cranes. An origami boat sails off the edge of a page while a hot air balloon drifts into the distance. It captures Priscilla’s warmth, friendly voice, playful sophistication and heritage. Imagination is important at every age. Like her music, this illustration encourages the viewer to think back to those imaginative days and look forward to those to come. This illustration is original to this competition and was created with old-fashioned pen and ink.

My name is Sarah and I’m a graphic designer and illustrator in Denver, Colorado. Priscilla Ahn is my favorite musical artist and I’m excited to share my love of her work in illustrated form!"

p.s. Thank you Creative Allies for adding me to your Featured Creations on the front page!


  1. YAYAYAY! Sarah. AMAZING. Absolutely amazing. You are SO talented! I am very very proud of you!

  2. Oh my, this is lovely!

  3. This is so incredible! I clicked over to see the other submissions and this was hand's down one of, if not THE best! Seriously, I was trying not to be biased and was looking really hard for some competition, but I just didn't see any! you and your pen rock!


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