Priscilla Ahn Poster - Please vote!

I apologize in advance for this shameless advertisement for ... me. :)

Hi All!
A few weeks ago, I entered the Priscilla Ahn album cover contest. I had such a fun time designing for my favorite musical artist. While I didn't win the album competition (check out the beautiful winning submission), Priscilla chose my design as one of 8 possible designs for a limited edition poster. How fun! The winner will be chosen via a facebook vote (whoever has the most "likes") on Sunday.

If you have a moment, would you submit YOUR VOTE? (for me preferably ;) I would really appreciate it!

The vote ends Sunday, which doesn't give us much time! Also, this link seems to work on and off and does not work on my Firefox. If you are also having trouble, you may have to jump to another server and paste this URL:
Sorry for the extra step!

Thank you everyone!

(current vote tally)

(my design)

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