easter chick card DIY

Things are getting seriously crafty around here. But, that's what happens when all the stores mark-up Easter candy and you have to improvise! This is the Easter card I made this year using only supplies I had on hand + Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares.

Talk about Cheap ... er, Cheep!

Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares (caramel because it's yellow like a chick)
Orange construction paper
Yellow construction paper (4.5 x 4.5", folded in half to create a card)
Yellow ribbon
Googly eyes

1. Punch two holes in a square of yellow construction paper as well as the "wings" of the chocolate square.

2. Thread the ribbon through the paper and chocolate squares and tie a bow on the back.

3. Hot glue a triangle of orange paper for the beak and googly eyes onto the chocolate square.

4. Give with love on Easter morning.

Enjoy—I would love to hear if you try my little DIY. Happy Easter!

p.s. You could WAY simplify this by gluing the chocolate to the card and skipping the ribbon. I just like the ribbon touch. Or to really simplify, skip the card and just hand out little chick-chocolates!

Pictures and DIY by me


  1. seriously, Sarah? ridiculously cute AND creative! you did it again...

  2. very cute and creative x


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