traveling notebook

6th stop — Colorado
Last month my sister's sister-in-law from Seattle sent this notebook to us. Inside was a letter from a 5th grader who lives in San Fransisco who is sending this notebook across the nation for a class assignment. We were the sixth stop on the map and the directions asked us to tell a bit about ourselves and the place we live. My sister, Anna, and I both contributed and then I left the notebook with my friends in Oregon. I thought this was such a fun project and I would like to do something like it myself! I would love to send a 5-min sketchbook to all of my favorite illustrators and see what came back. But then ... I don't have the "poor 5th grader trying to finish his assignments" factor going for me. :)

a little bit about my home-state (click to read)

pictures and notes from a backpacking trip

on it's way in Oregon!

photos by me

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