illustrated family tree

I was inspired by this wedding tree to illustrate a family tree for my friend's baby shower last week. She had a little boy, Jamison, who makes the family into FOUR. I thought that four was by far enough to start a family tree!

"Leaf your thumb prints on the tree to create your own family tree."

I included a bag of green stamp pads to create the "thumb print leaves" that will fill in the tree. My friend thought she might date the first set of "leaves" and have the kids add more leaves throughout the coming years. I love that idea!

Congratulations on your baby boy, Lynette and Jamie Hull!

[photos by sarah fritzler \ thanks to Deb for "modeling" the frame for me]


  1. I think I know these friends! Congrats to them! Love this, what a special & thoughtful gift.

  2. This is such a beautiful, special gift, Sarah! So very nicely done! And what a fun way for me to find out about that new little Hull addition. Thanks for sharing!


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