some ideas work — some ideas don't

That's just the truth of it. In fact, the ideas that usually work for me are the ones that come at the 11th hour when I think I've run out of ideas. My concepts for a recent nautical themed design were no exception. I had so many ideas in my mind that I simply couldn't get down on paper. Thankfully, the light bulb went on at the 12th hour ... just in time. :)

Here are a few of the designs that just didn't work out how I envisioned:

And here is the final artwork that just felt right (yay!):

[designs by sarah fritzler]


  1. didn't work out!!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM ALLLL! Can you do those again and we could have a series of them hanging somewhere....wouldn't that be cool? We could get lots of frames and you could use different mediums and styles for paintings of sailboats!

  2. Hey, may you send me this second sketch (black and white) on e-mail with high resolution? / I will be very pleased it's amazing :)


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