baker's twine

I love my baker's twine!

By far one of the best blog fads ever: baker's twine. It makes everything adorable and instantly special. You may have noticed it popping up here and here.

The problem? It's expensive! Solution? Bypass all the cute packaging on etsy and go straight to the bakery. I bought 3,400 yards of red and white bakers twine for only $8.95! The shipping cost almost as much, but it still comes out to be a fraction of the cost of competing sellers. For example: you can get 5 yards for $1 on etsy, which means my spool would cost $680! It's true. And you can get it in just about every color here.

3,400 yards

My favorite use so far: row dividers in my mom and sister's garden.

early spring garden

[twine photos by me \ garden photos by Deborah Fritzler]

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