my favorite tradition

It wouldn't be my birthday if I didn't wake up with streamers on my door. This is the ONE tradition that I don't think I can ever part with. My favorite part about birthdays is waking up to the sound of someone scotch taping streamers on the other side of my bedroom door. My mom started making streamer lattices for us to break through when we were little. I have to admit, when you wake up on your birthday and there are no streamers (I think this only happened twice ever ... and one time I just had to wait 15 more mins), it's kind of like "oh ... well, everyone was really tired and I had them last year ..." Isn't that terrible? I think birthday door streamers are the only thing that I have seriously had to justify the few times they weren't there. Like I said ... terrible! But it's true for all of my sisters! (I'm not sure if my brother is quite as emotionally attached to the tradition). My brother-in-law even wakes up super early on my sister's birthday to tape crepe paper to their bedroom door. Like I said, I don't think the Fritzler's heart-strings are quite as attached to anything else.

But guys, birthday streams are important!

This Sunday is my sister, Deborah's, birthday. She is the early riser in my family so she's been on streamer duty for a while. Anna and I tend to wait until midnight the night before (late to bed, late to rise ... that's us!). Deb created the fun designs in this post for our dad and my birthdays. Anna and I had better step it up this Saturday night!

my birthday streamers ... all is good in life ;)

dad's patriotic door (all we had was red, white, & blue :)

crepe flower

[photos by sarah fritzler]


  1. aww, this is SUCH an awesome tradition!!! I love it! i have never heard of this. what a terrific idea :)

  2. what a fun tradition! I've never heard of it before, so thanks for sharing! I love all the fun your family has together, and the way that you work to make each other feel special. What a blessing!

  3. Very fun! You'll have to post a pic of what you end up doing for Deborah.


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