First, I want to say a big thanks to Gabrielle Blair over at Design Mom for sharing Elaini's project with her readers! I know Elaini appreciates it too!

Which reminds me that I never shared pictures of my Design Mom inspired balloon garland. These photos aren't nearly as lovely as hers, but I'd like to blame that right now on the lighting and not being at a French cottage. :)

Her DIY is so simple and really looks impressive when it's hung! I downsized the garland for time's sake by making groups of 3 instead of 4, which worked just fine.

AND I bought my balloons at the dollar store so the grand total was $3 + some scrap ribbon.

But you should know, this takes some time and lung power. Thanks to my parents for donating some hot air at midnight when I was still working on it. :)

Balloons make every party better! Happy birthday Deborah!

[photos by sarah fritzler \ balloon DIY by Design Mom]


  1. ooh! impressive AND inexpensive; winner combination!

  2. I love this blog!! The flash up the top is awesome!!


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