summer dessert night

The weather was so beautiful over 4th of July weekend that I had that feeling that something summerish should happen. So, we invited friends over for a last-minute dessert and game night in my parent's backyard. I really didn't have time to organize something fancy, so I kept the menu simple and summer: watermelon, cobbler, ice cream, lemonade and s'mores.

Easy as pie! (er ... cobbler)

My sister, Deborah, was so helpful at the last minute when I was running around like crazy! Why is it that no matter how much you prepare, the last few hours before the party are actually shorter than normal hours? :) Deborah cut the watermelon and it was the best watermelon we've ever eaten. Why? Because she brushed every slice with fresh lemon juice. Wha? You read that right! You have to try it. It was amazing.

The little star watermelon slices were inspired by this post by Amy Atlas ... along with pretty much everything else.

The best-cobbler-vote was unanimously given to the Gingered Peach Blackberry Cobbler. This may have something to do with the fact that the Summer Berry Cobbler was undercooked. Uhm. Sorry guys. But, regardless of my cobbler baking skills, the ginger peach combo was amazing (as well as the extra 2 sticks of butter :). I hope you'll try it!

So, what I'm basically trying to say is ... it is entirely possible to put on a summer dessert night in one day if you invest in plastic dishes (no washing!), get bottles of Organic Galvanina Sparkling Lemonade ($1/bottle at COSTCO), borrow linens from your big sister AND have a little sis and mom who drop everything to help you at the 11th hour (and mow and trim the lawn ... thanks mom and Anna!).

Haha. Have I convinced you yet? Well ... I hope I've at least made your day feel summery!

A few more pics of the games to come ...

[photos by sarah fritzler]

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  1. it looks gorgeous, fresh, summery, tasty...a feast! I love the little dishes with white and red, or white and blue, so striking. I'm impressed with your ability to think of some quick, "easy" recipes, to present them so nicely, and then to photograph them so crisply beautiful! and your lovely family for all jumping in and lending a hand! such blessings!


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