what's yellow & blue & finally opening?

Have you noticed the "holy IKEA eye soar!" next to the highway? Yeah? Oh, HOW could you miss that blue monstrosity?! Well, this is one eye soar I can forgive because I'm so excited to have an IKEA! Did I mention I work just across the highway from the blue beast? :) Lunch break at IKEA anyone?

My sister just sent me the July 27th grand opening deals (free couches, chairs, mattresses, gift cards, food and so on). It sounded fun for about 3 seconds until I pictured all of the hostile woman brandishing Gucci purses, ready to plow down any couch challengers.

Yeah ... maybe I'll skip the free white couch this time.

Anyone else braving the deal war? What's your favorite thing about IKEA? What should I look for on my first trip? Is the food any good (namely the cinnamon rolls)?

UPDATE: My sister, Anna, met the owner of IKEA this week and he says the Swedish cookies are his favorite part about IKEA. Here I thought IKEA was Swiss International design, but the owner is Swedish? I'm so confused. Still, Anna says he was such a nice man and I'm going to take his advice and "get the Swedish cookies!"

[image credit ikea.com]

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