a floating football field

Happy Monday video! Isn't this short film fun? I love how playful it is amidst the obvious poverty—and how victorious!

It reminds me of my first professional "football" experience three weeks ago: My sister and I unexpectedly landed in the ARMY section of one of the most passionate soccer teams in the US, the Portland Timbers. "Shocking" doesn't even begin to describe it. "Loud" does start to describe it. 5 hours of standing. 4 hours of chanting. 3 Timbers goals. 2 scarves. 0 L.A. Galexy goals. Yep, one of the lowest ranked teams beat the best team (Beckham & Donovan included). It was epic (amazingly, that word actually applies)!

Thanks Janae and Jordan for sharing your tickets!

[photos by sarah fritzler]

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