currently craving: tortilla lime + salt milk chocolate

Mm. Does this not look amazing? One happy reviewer described it as: "Subtly crunchy and with its palate-challenging mix of salty, sweet and sour flavors, the treat expertly balances a difficult combo of tangy lime, small bits of tortilla chips and a rich milk chocolate base ..."

I like strange combos like this and I love sweet and salty. When we were kids we went to the mall with some dear friends where they entered a Dryer's ice cream flavor contest. The flavor was Strawberry Pretzel Ice Cream (with actual bits of salty pretzel) and I've been wanting to try it ever since! This Tortilla Lime + Salt Milk Chocolate Bar is right up the same ally. Also, thank you Komfort Chocolates for using milk chocolate. It's so much better than dark!

I'd love to try the French Toast and Apple Pie + Grahm bars too!

[image credit Komfort Chockolates]

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