currently enjoying: roasted veggies (again)

I know, I know. Roasted veggies AGAIN!? Well, that's because we keep eating them AGAIN and again. They are still my #1 summer meal. They are becoming my # fall meal. And they don't get old!

Have you tried them yet? This combo was one of my favorites: broccoli, beets and carrots. These may be the three best* roasting veggies (oh, and don't forget the forth—bell peppers) so the combo is perfect! I sprinkled them with fresh parmigiana and a little balsamic for an out-of-this-world late summer lunch. Enjoy!

*I forgot about red onions ... they may "beet" all the rest, hehe.

[photos by sarah fritzler]

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  1. Ha! I was just thinking this afternoon about how good those roasted vegetables were. Everything was so good, but I really enjoyed those especially. Can't believe that was a week ago already... It went by too fast, as all good things do!


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