done is better than perfect

I discovered this poster via this interview with Ben of Pinterest and I think I may have to design my own version. If I lived by the mantra "done is better than perfect," well ... I would be running my own business by now! I'm afraid that my biggest hang-up is the fear of imperfection. I never want to start because I'm scared of an imperfect outcome. But never starting quite literally leaves you with nothing. :)

This past week I've been wondering if, knowing my personality, I could ever be my own boss? I don't have the slightest bit of type A in me. If someone else gives me a deadline, even a ridiculous almost impossible one, well I'll do it! I'll bend over backwards for a deadline (maybe too much). But if there is even the tiniest wiggle room then I'll use it to make the project "perfect." Hm. These are all things to think about when you want to jump into something new.

Here are a few ideas I've come up with to, hopefully, organize and help me decide what is attainable for this too-perfection-driven me. Even though I know this about myself, I still want to try!

1. Work Space: I would need a space away from all life distractions to sit and concentrate on work ... a space I could leave and come back to without feeling like I was ignoring either work or life.

2. Deadlines: Deadlines that do not move. Even if I set them, they would be non-negotiable! And EVEN if the final product isn't perfect.

3. Profitability: "Money is a great motivator." I've actually never charged someone for my services of my own initiative. I want to help people with my work. But it also makes every project "fun" and pretend and it's not as serious as a business should be.

4. Goals: Maybe this should be first? What are they? What are their deadlines? Write them on the wall and do them!

5. Collaboration: Amazing things happen when you collaborate. Again, I'm too scared to collaborate because I'm worried I won't be prefect enough for the other person. Because, let's face it, I'm the person who re-does someone else's work if it wasn't done well. But this isn't college anymore and I can choose my collaborations!

Does anyone else feel similarly? Or are you type A and this is a completely strange and foreign concept to you? Have you come up with a system that works? Are there other "creative" (a.k.a. not so naturally organized people) out there with businesses? I know there are and I would LOVE to hear your thoughts. I'm looking for ideas!

Thanks for humoring my musings! I hope you weren't bored to death ... or that you just looked at the pictures if you were. Here's a little more food for the thought. :)

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  1. S! I LOVE reading what you are thinking! :) You know I don't have any experience with my own business (unless selling girl scout cookies 15 years ago counts ;) but as I read your post it reminded me of one of my favorite "productivity blogs": and a book that a lot of the blog is based on, "Getting Things Done." If you go back and look at some of the blog's older post, I think there is some good stuff on how to schedule a "creative" type work day (which sounds like you, I think?) vs. a meeting-based work day. I really don't know if any of it addresses the questions you've raised, but thought I'd mention them! :)

  2. I can be your boss but I'd have to stop being your sister ;) (wink)....

  3. This is a great post. I've been feeling the same way recently. I start a blog at the beginning of this year because I wanted to eventually start an online store, but things keep getting pushed back further and further because it's what I deem "imperfect." I don't give myself any leeway at all! It's funny too how you talk about how if someone else gives you a goal, you'll bend over backwards to do it. I'm definitely the same way at work. I will give you 120% & it will be perfect & on time, but something about not necessarily reporting to another person makes it harder to set goals for myself!

    Sorry for rambling, but I loved the motivational words & your thoughts!


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