celebrate love!

Last night we celebrated my co-designer and friend, Melissa's, soon-to-be-wedding. Mel loves rainbows and ruffles, so the invitations were happy polka-dots. She'd also like to avoid all attention on her (not to mention I think bridal shower games are just awkward), so the only activity was a play on the fact that she is an artist and the origin of bridal showers. I cut out paper "quilt squares" and all the ladies created a crayon masterpiece for the bride.

This was the easiest party I've ever thrown! La Sandia was fantastic! Along with their out-of-this-world frozen mango margaritas, they set everything up and far surpassed my expectations! (My only regret is that I should have tipped them even more. 35% really doesn't reflect how great they were.) We sat on the in-door/out-door balcony overlooking the sunset and the Rockies. Next time you're in the mood for Mexican food, visit them!

But the real star of the show was the Berry Chantilly Cream Cake from Whole Foods. Every single person there remarked how wonderful it was. And it's still office conversation today. $25 for the best cake of your life that always turns out ... it's so worth it!

And here it is—half devoured (I'll give you one guess what happened to the other half last night :).

[photos by sarah fritzler]


  1. I love the confetti invites! So fun!

  2. your parties always seem to be the right blend of creative personal touches and smart time&sanity-saving buys! That cake looks SO good and wholesome! I greatly dislike shower games as well, although one time when I was throwing a bridal shower we did a mad-lib based on their courtship, and that was pretty fun. We should go back to quilt squares!

  3. P.S. Isn't it time for a "Happy Fall" sketch update on your sidebar? :)


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