colorado wedding reception invitations

My friends, Elizabeth & Aaron, were married in Oregon this summer. I was privileged to be in Portland at the time and to see them get married. After their wedding, they made the pilgrimage to Colorado where they are settled into their first home. To celebrate their marriage and welcome them to Colorado, we held a little reception last Friday night. The early Colorado snow almost dampened the party, but it couldn't compete with the fun we had (or the chocolate fondue!).

These invitations were so much fun to design! This was the first time I had full freedom and I had no idea how lovely that would be! It was also the most cost-effective project I've worked on. From now on, I'm going to encourage brides to incorporate their colors via paper and embrace the black and white printing! I was inspired by this and this and I couldn't pass up the chance to use vellum envelopes.

[design & photos by sarah fritzler]


  1. The fondue was especially fun ;) The invitations were amazing.

  2. The food was very good as wedding reception food goes. The pasta station at cocktails was a huge hit, as were the raw oysters.
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