thank you, priscilla ahn

dinner at euclid hall

This week I was privileged to meet another "blog friend." Priscilla and I have been keeping in touch via our blogs and email this summer (following this poster project) and I loved meeting her in person! We enjoyed dinner at Euclid Hall (the cauliflower salad was wonderful!). Priscilla really is as sweet as her music is beautiful. She also introduced me to her tour-mates, Wendy, Chris and Gary who were all fun, friendly and appreciated good food! :)

After dinner we headed to The Walnut Room for the show. Again, her voice is even more beautiful in person. This was my first time to hear her live and, since she is my favorite musical artist, it was a real treat! I've so enjoyed getting to know her and she's especially kind for humoring my sisters and I with some autographs after the show ... we felt very "groupy." ;)

Thank you for an exceptional evening, Priscilla!


an evening with friends and sisters

Unfortunately, I discovered that my new camera doesn't have a video recorder as she was singing my favorite song! Ah well ... you'll just have to hear it below:

The funniest part of the evening? My sisters told me about Euclid Hall and not only ended up there too, but at the table next to us! We were cracking up. :)

You can follow her full tour over on her blog!

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