diy: no-sew triangle banner

Today is my dear friend, Courtney's, birthday. I've been thinking about her and her little muffin who is soon to enter the world! I call Courtney "Martha" because she's the perfect little home-maker slash successful, driven, educated woman. Let me tell you, she is impressive. But one thing we both lack on our resumes is sewing. Our moms taught us, but we seem to have left off somewhere a long time ago. This is why we were both a little daunted by the idea of making a triangle flag banner for the baby's room.

But no! We conquered that little flag without a single needle. Here's how:

DIY No-Sew Triangle Banner
- A variety of cotton fabric designs (we chose from the quilt scraps at Joann Fabrics)
- Basting tape
- Double sided fusible webbing
- Iron, ironing board, spray bottle, scissors, paper & pencil

1. Pre-wash and iron fabric.
2. Draw triangles on fabric with a pencil. Only draw one triangle per flag. Do not cut.
3. Use iron-on instructions to adhere fusible webbing to back of first flag.
4. Next, fuse this first flag to another piece of the same fabric to create the back side of the flag.
5. Cut triangle out along pencil lines.
6. Repeat steps 2-5 to create all of your flags.
7. Open basting tape and adhere fusible webbing inside. Do not close
8. Place the top of your flags inside the basting tape crease and fold basting tape over. Iron to secure.

That's it! Not a single bit of sewing needed. I didn't take pictures of the steps so I hope these instructions were clear enough. It is fairly intuitive once you have tried the fusible fabric on a test piece.

Happy birthday to my dear friend (and soon to be mommy), Courtney!

photos by sarah fritzler

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  1. Great posts! Love all the diy stuff! She is ADORABLE (and so is the flag) !


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