east coast adventures: miami beach

I'm back! Had you given up on me? I was starting to give up on myself ... no really, vacation is an amazing thing! Blogging is fun, but sometimes I feel like I'm sending things out into a void of no-one-ness and it would just be easier to pin my ideas on my pinterest than to organize and write something about them here. Which is why I may slow down a little and not blog every day. Hopefully that will mean fewer, but better posts. I hope that's ok with you? I wouldn't want to loose all of you readers (as my sisters recently warned me about). Whew, blog friends are hard to maintain. :)

Where better to start than a post about vacation? I feel like I went on about six trips ... and I think it may just qualify since I slept in seven different beds. I'm not sure what my favorite part was. I saw so many friends, places, climates, weather patterns, foods, birds (yes, birds!) that I think I'll have to do a series of posts to cover them all.

So please forgive me for temporarily becoming a travel blog. I'll try to remember to include some design somewhere in here.

First, we went to Florida. Miami to be specific. This was my first time to the sunshine state and it greeted me with torrential rain for 2 days. Following a you-have-no-reservation adventure at the car rental place, my friend, Brittany, and I felt like we could handle anything. So we left our sundresses in our suitcases and pulled out our work-out clothes to embraced the utter wetness of a tropical storm.

Here are a few pictures of our day.

After a thorough drenching (which inhibited taking pictures), we hit Whole Foods Market for soup, half a chicken and the most amazing chocolate! (I've been searching for a MILK chocolate sea-salt bar and this is it!). We wore sweatpants and watched 6 hours of chick-flicks. No complains.

We stayed at the SoBe You Bed & Breakfast and I highly recommend it! While it doesn't offer much in the breakfast category (pancakes, cereal and fruit), it was a charming place. Each room has it's own entrance and everything you would need to stay for a while. We felt like we had our own little home. The bed was super comfy and the pool would have been great had it not rained. And thanks to Groupon, our two night stay was only $175!

You may have noticed that things are a little wonky on my blog right now. Please bear with me while I do a little updating!

photos by sarah fritzler


  1. Oh Hooray! your readers have been waiting :) Thanks for continuing to please the masses! You certainly don't have to update every day, but you were certainly missed!

  2. the color of the ocean is so "sea-greenish" its amazing! I love how the lighting is very gray. So glad your posting again!


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