free winter phone wallpaper

Last week I joined the ranks of iPhone users. Am I glad? Well ... yeah. I love my MAC products because they love me (cue my 8 year old computer that has yet to have a problem). But I am afraid of becoming a phone-in-my-face smart phone user. Life happens around your phone, not on it (even though the commercials say otherwise). So I'm trying very hard to leave it upstairs in the evenings and never bring it to the dinner table despite all the Words With Friends notifications begging me to make the next move (sorry to all of you friends who are still waiting to massacre me).

That said, it's pretty cool. I feel like "my people" designed it. ;) Pretty pictures. Pretty apps. Pretty text message layouts. Thank you Apple! And that's why I love changing my wallpaper and thought I would share this latest one with all you other phone-in-my-face smart phone user. Enjoy some pretty pine needles from a sunny Colorado day.

phone wallpaper by sarah fritzler

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  1. I just read your blog. Am I glad of it?...well, yeah!


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