christmas gift wrapping

Wrapping is one of my absolute favorite parts about this week. It's where the artist, designer and craftier meet Christmas. And it's a good thing because I have a whole lot left to do!

A few nights ago I pulled out all my supplies, turned on It's A Wonderful Life and got to it. I decided to go with a natural, butcher paper, parcel feeling this year. I'm sure I'll change it up before I'm done since I also purchased a few of these adorable designs last week. But for now, I'm happy with these simple packages with their little touches of love. Here are a few photos to inspire you.

Roll of butcher paper: Purchased at my local paper or craft store
Baker's twine: (do you see the trend here? Butcher, baker ... I should have bought something from the candlestick maker) Purchased online here
Gold stripe washi tape: I bought this roll just for this Christmas. Lots of fun options here! (and it will come to you wrapped up in a cute package)
Small doilies: Purchased at my local craft store
Gold bells: On sale at my local craft store
Bird fabric paper clips: I found these on sale at Anthropologie last week

I would love to see your wrapping creations!

p.s. Be sure to check out day 2 of The 12 Days of Christmas!

photos by sarah fritzler


  1. These are beautiful! Nice job of layering so many things to create such a lovely, cohesive package. as always, impressed!

  2. I make Charlie save his plans from work and we have been using those for wrapping paper. This year my favorite is the paper bags that I got when buying a half peck of apples. They were so pretty, white with some simple red apples and black lettering. I was admiring them on the way to throw them in the trash when the lightbulb finally went on in my head :)

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