a hand-made christmas package

This is the reason good old fashioned snail mail at Christmas time is so wonderful. We received a package last week full of all hand-made gifts from a dear friend and her kids. Everything was packaged so beautifully and every detail thought of that I snapped a few shots before we really dug in! Sarah is, apparently, the queen of DIY projects: snow globe, cookie ornaments, merry-coco-can-granola, fizzing bath "snowballs". Truly, this package was so much fun to open.

Sarah used to live in the Czech Republic (back when it was Czechoslovakia), so she also included a make-it-yourself Czech nativity. I'm definitely going to pull out my scissors this weekend and assemble it. I love the illustrations and that the Czech people are bringing coffee as gifts (I think Charlie Brown would have something to say about this commercialism!).

Thank you for such a fun package, Sarah, Charlie, JoshJosh, Lolo and Lainey!

photos by sarah fritzler

1 comment:

  1. Love this package! Such creativity! Can't wait to try those bath snowballs!


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