friday foliage: the everglades

I was just skimming through my photos for some "Friday Foliage," but flowers have been scarce in January. Instead, I found pictures from my visit to the everglades last October. They seem to fit with the gray weather we are having.

The everglades are one of the most amazing places I've ever been and even more so because I was expecting a bug infested swamp. That's what it is, but also so much more! It is home to the most beautiful birds and incredible foliage.

My friend and I took an hour long air boat ride (conducted by an enthusiastic, Cajun tour guide — he was fantastic). We learned about plants with 50 foot roots, birds that have to lay out in the sun to dry, saw an alligator nest and were surprised to learn that we were on the deepest river in the world. And of course, there were gators.

At a Family Christmas Dinner I was asked what my favorite part of 2011 was. While it may not be my absolute favorite, the first thing that came to my mind was holding this little fella (he was so small even though he was 3 years old!).

I mean, look at that smile.

photos by sarah fritzler

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