new year : new project

Hello and a happy new year to you! Well I'm not sure what happened, but I definitely disappeared without warning for over a week — and it felt great!

I took a week away from work and anything else that could belong on a to-do list. Instead, my sisters and I spent a day at a coffee shop reading, almost died sledding, played games (lots of them!), made soup and ate it, munched on leftover Christmas cookies, visited an aquarium, slept in, and celebrated our favorite holiday: Festivus (more about that later). What did you do?

I also spray painted a few more things gold. Ahem ... see above.

I'm not one for new year's resolutions (like my sister says, "Every day is a day for resolutions!"), but I did make a ... um ... "life dreams" list? Or it could be titled, "what I should be doing today in order to fulfill those dreams I always talk about but never do" list. :)

So to get started, I'll be spending some time helping a friend with a brand new project. Let me introduce you to Running 4 Bare Feet! I'll be posting more about it soon, but this is the unofficial introduction to a beautiful girl and her project coming in 2012.

Time to dust off your sneakers! (They should already be dust-free if you're keeping to your new year's resolution ;)

image by sarah fritzler

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