the next big thing: path

I just discovered this new app, Path, via Blogstar's 38 Things I Learnt At ATL Summit 2012 (great list!). I love the idea of Path (minus the stalkerness of it). My first thought was for dad's who go to work and miss out on 9 hours of their kid's childhood 5 days out of the week.

I work with a man who exchanges phone calls with his wife upwards of 3 times a day. She is constantly texting him pictures of the latest baby face, pillow fort, or the aspiring drummer in their son. He's not in the least embarrassed to have a conversation with his 4 year old about potty training or to run over and share the hilarious picture of his daughter eating lunch. I love this and have bookmarked it in my mind as something I would value in a husband someday. But back to the point, Path looks like the practical solution to this and their commercial just so happens to showcase it!

So what makes this different from the facebook news feed? Simply that you only connect with your family and closest friends. That way you aren't notified that it's raining at your second cousins' aunt's brother's dentist's house. Ahem. It makes all the difference!

Didi I mention it's free?

My only critique (outside of the stalkerness possibilities) is that their logo is almost exactly the same as Pinterests' ... better change that if you want to be the next big thing! I can't tell you apart on my dashboard! Oh yeah and my other critique is that my family doesn't have iphones. :(

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