winter flowers

Working in a flower shop for 3 years will undoubtedly spark a love of flowers in you. I miss slipping into the cooler and just standing with the flowers. The smells. The "aliveness" of my job. And most of all, the ladies I used to work with who considered each flower their friend. They talked to the flower heads and made everyone drop everything to come see a sprig that looked like a helicopter or a poppy that was smiling ... it was smiling they said! If I was a flower I would want to live in that flower shop. Robin and Linda never threw a flower away. They simply saved it for an extra special spot and would lovingly "tuck" the little head into an important bouquet just to make it feel special. You think I'm exaggerating, don't you? My flower shop ladies had a complete hold on reality, I promise, but they also loved what they did and made it extra special for my sister and I. We couldn't have asked for a better first job! Plus our aprons had ruffles and we ate m&m cookies from the pizza joint next door every day. :)

Amy Merrick is undoubtedly my favorite floral stylist. Her blog is lovely and her website is chock-full of amazing flowers! Although it's winter, I hope you smell the flowers today.

photos by amy merrick of an apple a day


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