diy: recipe box journal calendar

In January I saw this diy calendar journal and knew it would be the perfect gift for a friend. Of course, I bought extra of everything and made one for myself as well. I can't wait for next year when I'll add to each card and be reminded of what I did one year before. It's already fun to look back at January (I'm trying to limit my peeking!). I'm not a journal-keeper so this is an easy way for me to have some sort of yearly memento. Just think how fun it will be to look back in 5 or 10 years!

I ended up making 3 calendars and stamped my way through a good portion of Anne of Green Gables and Sense & Sensibility ... yep, I stamped 365 dates on 1,095 cards. Whew! But, really, it's not hard and easily done in front of a good movie. I used brown paper for month dividers and found a vintage recipe box on etsy (just so happens to be the same one ... I felt like I was cheating ... but I was pleased).

So far it's been easy to keep up with, but we'll see if I say the same thing one year from now!

- vintage recipe box
- note cards (without lines)
- contrasting paper for dividers 
- custom date stamp

 images by sarah fritzler


  1. I love my vintage calendar! For someone like me who isn't a natural at journaling, the small card is less intimidating when thinking of what to write. Still not in the habit of writing, each day, maybe I should move the box to my night stand... :)

  2. Now this is a great idea! This will help me capture all of the fun things S is doing and saying these days. What fun it will be to share this with her someday! I wonder if my grandmotherly friends would appreciate it too?


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