diy: stir-in hot cocoa

Here is another easy do-it yourself valentines idea. And this one can be paired with the literary quote mug valentines. You didn't plan on handing them an empty mug, did you? ;)

I'm going to call this Grandma's Favorite Stir-in Hot Cocoa because my grandma loves it!

Supplies you will need:
- Melting chocolate for candy-making (I used Wilton, but I've since found out you can get Ghirardelli's — there's a no-brainer!)
- Candy-canes or peppermints
- Red cellophane wrapper, string, valentines tag

All of these supplies may be found at your local craft store.

Do it yourself:
1. Use bag instructions to melt chocolate into candy molds.
2.  Stick lollipop sticks into each mold.
3. Put candy-canes or peppermints in zip-lock bag and crush into small pieces. Sprinkle on top.
4. Let chocolate set according to bag instructions
5. Remove from molds and wrap in red cellophane. Finish with a bow and valentines tag.

Of course, you can customize these as much as you like. A few ideas: heart shaped molds, white and dark chocolate swirl, mini-marshmallows on top, caramel swirl ... enjoy!

 pictures by sarah fritzler

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