diy: valentines chocolate bar label

This may be my favorite DIY yet.

Valentines Day tends to overdose my sweet tooth. But chocolate bars? I never feel like I have too many of them laying around! Here is a chocolate bar label valentine idea for you. You can customize it to your heart's delight! I simply took the label off of a Symphony Almond Toffee Chocolate Bar (so good!) and used it to make a template. I created a vintage flower design on the front and a love quote on the back (I personalized these for each recipient). I also made tags with the "worst pick-up lines" to add a little humor.

The options are endless! Make them your own by personalizing them for your loved one on their favorite candy bar. These would also be great children's valentines with crayon drawings wrapped around chocolate bars. Have fun!

p.s. The little secret behind this DIY is that I made it two years ago. My mom thought it was too pretty to eat (silliness!) so I found this one fully intact and snapped some pictures to share with you.

pictures by sarah fritzler 


  1. This is adorable! I love the vintage flair.

    1. Thanks Connie! This was a fun project! I love vintage too.

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