lesson from a dishcloth

Last month my family and I celebrated a dear friend's life at her memorial service. She was 101 (almost 102!) and it may be the first time that I can truly say that my joy for her fully outweighed my sadness in missing her. She was so excited and so ready to be with her Savior! She told me so every time we talked — she knew her real home was in heaven and she was ready to meet Christ in person.

Granny is known for a lot of amazing accomplishments by a lot of people, but what really brings her to our minds is the stack of colorful dishcloths in our kitchen drawers. If you met Granny, you probably have at least a few. To say she crocheted and gave away thousands would be an understatement.

Granny was bedridden near the end of her life. But instead of concentrating on herself and her own discomfort, she crocheted dishcloths for everyone who would attend her memorial service. Yes, she made party favors! And what's more appropriate for a celebration?!

We talk about what our memorials may be like and try to provide for our families after we are gone. Granny was thinking of how she could encourage people after she was gone and, most of all, share her joy in Christ through a simple lesson from a dishcloth.

I hope my set of dishcloths never stops reminding me to be "instruments in our Master's hand!"

Have you ever been touched or learned an important lesson from someone after they were gone?

p.s. And they aren't just dishcloths, they are the best dishcloths! They are rather coveted in my household.

photos by sarah fritzler


  1. that is so beautiful! what an amazing godly woman...

  2. Do you mind if I copy this "lesson" and use with some of my own dishcloths? That is so neat.

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! Could you please let me have the actual pattern Granny used? You said she crocheted her dishcloths and the one in your photo is knitted---I'd like to use her original pattern if possible. This is a wonderful inspiration---thanks so, so much for posting it!


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