breakfast at stacie’s: ebelskivers

Don't ask me how you say that word (ebelskivers), but I can tell you that they are amazing. Ebelskivers are Danish and a true art to make. My friend, Stacie, grew up in the Danish capitol of America and invited us over to try these little delights. Imagine a cross between a doughnut and a pancake and you'll have a pretty close guess as to what they taste like. To make ebelskivers, you use a special slotted cast iron pan. Stacie poured batter into each slot and meticulously turned each slot of batter until they formed perfect balls of golden brown batter. Traditionally, this job is done with a knitting needle. :) 

 The finished ebelskivers are crispy on the outside and hot and fluffy on the inside. We topped ours with syrup, powdered sugar, fruit and apple butter. We also broiled grapefruit and made a feast of eggs and bacon. Such a perfect Saturday morning!

There was a pajamas only rule which I quite appreciated.

photos by sarah fritzler


  1. 1) What an especially delightful and delicious way to spend a Saturday morning!
    2)Sounds and looks so tasty! And because special pans are required, it surely must be!
    3)Your friend Stacy looks so charmingly cute and festive in her apron!
    4)Breakfast is the best! Breakfast in pajamas, even better!
    5)fresh berries and powdered sugar...'nuff said!

  2. Ebelskivers!!!

    We LOVE these! We've only had them a few times at a little Danish restaurant in Portland. I had no idea you could make them at home. I think Alex may get an ebelskiver skillet for his birthday! ;) Does Stacey have a recipe she likes?


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