r4bf free 5K run!

This event deserves it's own post! I've mentioned my friend, Stephanie's, project before. But now everything is truly falling into place and official. In case you are new to Running 4 Bare Feet, Stephanie is running 500 miles this summer to raise awareness and donations for highly vulnerable children and orphans in the Philippians.

First up, a free 5K! Free and welcome to any and all who would like to participate. And I do hope you will join us! It's the perfect way to usher in spring, start that exercise routine, and meet some wonderful people. And a free button. You all know you want a button. But most of all, it will be a fun way to help spread the word about children in the Philippians. First and foremost, that is why we are running.

Psst ... you can jog, walk, crawl ... whatever floats your boat!

You can find a
ll the details on the 5K page. Please feel free to spread the word, in fact, we would appreciate it!

I would also like to take a little space to thank Anaconda Printing for donating 150 printed posters to the project! Folks, I didn't even ask for a donation. I asked for a quote and, instead, I received a kind email from Paul, the C.E.O., who once lived in the Philippians and wants to use his resources to help. Thank you to the whole crew at Anaconda for your generosity! 

poster design by sarah fritzler  \  photos by ronald de jong


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