So here's the deal. I was waiting to tell you about my latest project until I could unveil a shiny new completed package! But secrets don't make friends, so here is a little peak at a sketch for my new logo, website and blog. Yep. I'm working on all 3 and I have to say that re-branding myself is the most challenging project I've ever tackled. I am definitely my hardest client. But I'm excited to share this little snapshot with you and will be even more excited when it's done!

photo by sarah fritzler via instagram

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  1. LoLo says, "Oh, that's pretty! Oh, did you see FritzHenry? See that bird?!" Audible stream of consciousness, that girl! But I do agree, "Oh, how pretty!" Love the new design sneak peak. I don't know what I was envisioning, but as always, you do above and beyond. Keep up the amazing work!


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