vintage colorado postcards

Colorado Springs, Colo.
Dear Thelma!
When we go out on the street we can see these beautiful mountains like the one on this card. I hope some day when you are a young lady, you can see them also. How is Tom, is he good?
Your Loving Grandmother

Postmarked Aug. 13, 4AM, 1913 

Doesn't this note whisk you away to another time and place when young girls would grow up to be young ladies?

Lexy was kind enough to include me in the swag bags that will be given out to the first 125 people at The Hello Social next week. I didn't want my business card to get lost among all of the fun swag, so I ordered these vintage Colorado postcards to attach to my cards. I had no idea how beautiful they would be! Every card tells a story of a vacation passed in Colorado. Why were Mamma, Pappa, Betsy, Mable, Miss Eliza Palver, Eva, Gram, Arnold, Thomas, Lillie and Arved visiting? Did Mrs. Crowther ever find the glasses she left on the train in Denver in 1909?

I'm having so much fun reading the cards and studying the penmanship. But I'm having the hardest time thinking of giving them away. I ended up ordering two more packages today so that I can keep all of my favorites! I love Colorado so much and I'm so happy for this little lost bit of history that made it's way to me.

Wouldn't these be great gifts for all our friends in many lands?

photos by sarah fritzler


  1. AnonymousMay 02, 2013

    I am so glad I found you on the world wide web! I am getting lost in your design style, and just adore these post cards. :)

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