brown bag valentine

 I hope you have a fantastic weekend everyone! Maybe you're pulling out the craft box to make valentines or snuggling up next to a fire with a mug of tea (for those of you snowed in on the east coast) or going for a horse-drawn sleigh ride.

Wait ... a what? 

My family is actually going for a sleigh ride tonight. Instead of giving gifts at Christmas this year, we bought Groupons for a hot-cocoa and dinner sleigh ride for 10 in Breckenridge. After a loop in the woods, we'll have a steak and trout cowboy dinner and berry cobbler. But lest you envision a romantic evening with softly falling snow flakes and twinkling stars, I should mention that it is 15° in Breckenridge with blowing snow, 45 mph gusts and a -4° windshield. So we like a little adventure too! I'm especially liking the "wrapped in blankets" part of this ride.

While I'm looking for my long-johns, here is a little valentines inspiration from the archives. I especially like this packaging because you can fill the brown bags with anything you like. These ones were filled with Girl Scout Cookies, but use your sweet tooth imagination!

p.s. I don't actually own long-johns, but I've always wanted to!

photos by sarah fritzler


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